• Sunday, 15 July 2012

    Comercial Rofer presents its new website

    Comercial Rofer presents its new website

    Comercial Rofer is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which provides comprehensive information on all the services and brands available.

  • Tuesday, 10 April 2012


    Comercial Rofer has entered into an agreement with AEV Ibérica—manufacturer and supplier of varnishes, resins and insulating materials.

About us

Established in 1985, Comercial Rofer started off as a specialist supplier of electrical equipment, focused on providing customers with professional, tailored solutions.

In 1996, as part of its expansion process, Comercial Rofer acquired an industrial facility at Calle Cuzco nº 8, El Sebadal, where its headquarters are currently located. Covering 1,700 square meters, the premises house a vast inventory of products. This way, we are able to tackle the complex nature of logistics and transportation in the Canary Islands, and meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

This way, Comercial Rofer S.L. expanded and started providing services to companies throughout the Canaries as a result of dedication and enthusiasm, an extensive knowledge of the marine and industrial sectors, and the ability to provide professional solutions and specialized assistance.

It is thanks to long-term relationships with providers of industrial components—and a profound product knowledge—that we make sure our clients receive quality technical assistance. Nevertheless, we are always searching for new solutions and partnerships so as to meet the ever changing demands of the markets we serve.

For all these reasons, and the continuous trust and confidence clients have had in our ability to deliver high quality services, Comercial Rofer has been able to grow gradually, currently employing 12 people and  having reached a volume of sales that puts it among the leading providers of electrical components in the Canary Islands. This is such a great motivation for us to keep moving forward.