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Comercial Rofer is a provider of prompt, reliable and tailored solutions that meet the specific requirement of the most demanding clients..

We have a highly trained and experienced team of technical experts that are willing to assist our clients and find solutions that really meet their specific demands. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we focus on finding solutions and bring products to the market at the most competitive prices.

Additionally, we stock a vast inventory of products to prevent stock-out. In any case, however, we work with providers of urgent delivery services, which enables us to complete a specific order in 2/3 days max. and get it delivered to your door.

Our stock includes electrical components of the major manufacturers, such as conductors, motors, pyrometer equipment, winding materials, special varnishes, special lamps, pumps for different applications, automation and control equipment, industrial relays, drainage systems and a wide range of marine and industrial components.

We are also manufacturers of panel boards. Our team of engineers will be pleased to assist you and and help you find the best solution.

"Invest in your business for maximum profit. When you choose to work with Comercial Rofer, you choose to work with the best"

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